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Mixed Reaction to Perry's State of the State

KTRH - Nik Rajovic
January 29, 2013

Governor Rick Perry says Texas is doing so well, it's time to use our surplus of tax dollars.

"I propose using $3.7 billion from the Rainy Day fund for a one-time investment in infrastructure program," Perry said during his annual State of the State address Tuesday.

But is that the best use of our money?

Not according to critics like Matt Glazer with Progress Texas.  He says that money would be better spent on education.

"We have a higher education budget that we're taking a haircut on, but at the same time he wants to cap tuition," Glazer told KTRH News.

Perry also called on lawmakers to amend the Texas Constitution to allow the state to return tax money it collects but doesn't spend to its citizens, and an end to accounting tricks to balance the state budget.

Glazer thinks the speech was all for show.

"I think this was just a rehash of seven other speeches and a lot of posturing so he can reintroduce himself to the national stage," he says.

Political strategist Bill Miller disagrees, saying Perry delivered as expected.  However, he admits higher education remains a thorn in the governor's side.

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